With so many walking trails in the UK, it can be hard to decide where to start from. There are many attractive paths that you can enjoy trekking on as you unwind. Are you tired of having to travel miles to a hiking trail? Here are the nine best hiking trails you can visit.

  1. Trelissick Cornwall

This Trelissick circular walk is a great trail to start with. What’s more thrilling than taking a walk through historic parkland? Trelissick Cornwall is chilled by an oak fringe creek, a fort, and an eightieth-century quarry.

If you would like to take your dog along, this trail is dog-friendly, and it’s easy to use. Walking through the trail takes between thirty to forty minutes. The best thing about using the trail is that you start and end at the same point.

Trelissick Circular Walk

Regardless of the season, you can enjoy your lunch under an oak tree and chill without caring what’s happening in the world. If you feel so tired after trekking for the whole day you can check for a list of inspiring films at Lottoland to get inspired.

2. Stowe Buckinghamshire

Remember when you were a kid and spent hours trying to find secret gardens? Taking a walk here will let you remember those memories. The journey is about three miles long, and you’ll take around two hours to complete the adventure. Along the way, you can explore many secret hidden holes and lakes.

You’ll also get an opportunity to take a walk around Stowe’s house. While enjoying the fantastic breathtaking views of nature, you can also take up some history. The trail is dog-friendly and very easy to use.

3. Sizergh’s Castle Cumbria

This walking trail is a perfect way to start your Lake District holiday. Along the way, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of Morecambe Bay Lake. The paintings along your way will make you discover a fantastic array of natural history. The trail is suitable for everyone, young and old.

Morecombe Bay Lake

4. Attingham Shropshire

If you’re looking for a trail with a bit more wildlife, Attingham is the place to be. The two-and-a-half-mile circular trail is in the deer park, and you can have an amazing view of many animals roaming around. The trail is dog-friendly, and it takes around an hour to complete your journey.

The trail offers lots of open fields to walk in. You can also pass through the woodlands and enjoy the serene environment. Hikers like the trail because it’s an excellent place to end in a place where you started from. You can also order a map to find out more about what is in the area.

5. Sheringham Woodland, Norfolk

This woodland trail is truly breathtaking. The trail is seven miles long, and you will take over two hours to complete your adventure. The trail offers impressive views of woodlands, parklands, and a cliff at the end.

You also get an opportunity to climb a treetop gazebo to enjoy the fantastic views. You will also see all types of plants, wildlife, and other incredible views. To know what to view along the way, you can get an Explorer two v two maps to guide you.

Sheringham Woodland, Norfolk trail

6. Burns Trail, Ayrshire

Walking along this trail will give you the best experience. The trail is twelve and a half miles long. You can decide to walk through a sacred village full of history. Before going to the hills, you can first visit the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.

You can take pictures while climbing along Carrick hills. Burns Trail is the best place to be if you want to unwind and be away from the city. The best part is your dog and friends can accompany you.

7. St Cuthbert’s Way, Northumberland

This trail is among the best trails that will give you incredible and unique scenery. The journey begins at Wooler and ends at Holy Island. Walking along Till river, your will enjoy interacting with nature and viewing adorable arable fields. 

You can learn more about history by visiting the St Cuthbert’s Cave. Afterward, you can climb on top of the hill and watch the North Sea coast.

8. Flatford and Constable Country walk

Want to take a walk and interact with nature? Flatford trail will fulfil your desires. Passing through the Stour Valley, the trail is surrounded by beautiful vegetation and incredible landscape. 

If you’re a paint lover, learn more about the history of John Constable’s paintings as you take your favourite refreshment. You don’t have to be lonely as your pet or friends can accompany you.

9. Ashridge Estate

Ashridge Estate is a place to be if you’re looking forward to trying something different. During autumn, the trees change their colour, making the place appear magical. You can get a chance to see wildlife roaming across the woods and parklands.

If you’re a history lover, pass by the historic Ashridge Estate owned by the National Trust. You can take your lunch as you interact with people living there.

Final Thought

Sometimes, it’s worth taking a break from the busy metropolitan life and take a holiday or adventure. If you’re looking for something different, visiting the most beautiful walks in the UK will be a great choice. Don’t have a plan on where to visit? You can pick from the list provided above.

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