May 2016 Update!

After nine years of writing books together, doing radio, appearing at events and more, we have decided to take a little bit of a different direction this year, as our partnership continues to grow and expand. We are entering the bold world of fiction, television and feature films with new projects, including “Gridwalkers,” a script currently making the Hollywood rounds, based on our non-fiction book, “The Grid.” It’s exciting and fun to be able to explore the use of fictional storytelling as a means of expressing actual scientific ideas and theories, and we call it “Science Faction!”

In addition, we are also working on several pitches for feature film and television series concepts. But we haven’t abandoned our non-fiction roots. We are busy as ever writing “Demons, The Devil and Dark Angels” for Visible Ink Press, which is a comprehensive look at the history of the Devil and demons over the course of history. We are looking at a late 2016/early 2017 release date for that.

Thanks for sticking with us as our partnership and our dynamic changes and we move into new territory. We appreciate everyone who walked with us, and continues to walk with us, along the way.

New Roads, New Opportunities

We have been really busy promoting our latest non-fiction book, MIND WARS, about the history of mind control, surveillance and social programming. But we are also venturing into new territories in 2015, working on a fictionalized version of THE GRID, which has also been turned into a screenplay and is being pitched to production companies. The project is now called GRIDWALKERS and will be something we’ve never done together before! We promise to keep you posted!

Two New Deals!

We’ve signed contracts for two new deals. GRIDWALKERS is a work of science “faction” and is based upon the research and theories in our past books. It will be released in spring of 2015. MIND WARS: THE HISTORY OF MIND CONTROL AND ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE is a non-fiction book for New Page Books, to be released in spring of 2015. It is going to be a very busy year for us!!!



Time to try a little fiction?

With two new books currently on the bookstore shelves, THE GRID and VIRAL MYTHOLOGY, we thought we might take a little detour and try our hand at what we call “science faction,” a fictional project that will combine a great sci fi adventure story with the actual research we’ve written about in our prior books. It’s called “Gridwalkers” and we will keep you posted on that, and a possible new screenplay in the works!

Viral Mythology – our next non-fiction book!

We are excited to announce that we have signed on with New Page Books for another book, due out early in 2014! This one, our sixth together, will be titled VIRAL MYTHOLOGY: HOW THE TRUTH OF THE ANCIENTS WAS ENCODED AND PASSED DOWN THROUGH LEGEND, ART AND ARCHITECTURE.”

Yeah, long title, but it will be an exciting book about how information, scientific understanding, wisdom and even occult and esoteric knowledge was often hidden within the structures of stories, myths, songs, art, architecture and monuments…Why was it hidden, and what does it tell us not just about our past…but about our future???

Venturing Into Unknown Territories

This year we begin doing something we’ve never done before…writing fiction! We will be working on a novel called GRIDWALKERS that will be a fiction offshoot of our upcoming non-fiction book, THE GRID: EXPLORING THE HIDDEN INFRASTRUCTURE OF REALITY.

We plan to include in our novel the science, ideas and theories presented in the non-fiction book, sort of “faction,” or factual fiction if you will. It will be fun, exciting and incredibly challenging but we hope it will be the start of a whole slew of fiction and film projects that take our work ONE STEP BEYOND!!!



ParaExplorers Gears Up For a Big 2013

We are already a few weeks into the new year and already we are swamped with work. Not only are we wrapping up our next non-fiction book, THE GRID: EXPLORING THE HIDDEN INFRASTRUCTURE OF REALITY,” but we will be signing a contract very soon to do a NOVEL SERIES based upon the Grid theory!!! And we are continuing to branch out into other arenas of film and TV as well. Yes, we will continue putting out great non-fiction books, but look for us to venture into new directions and avenues as the year goes on.

We will also be all over radio, and speaking at some big events, so keep your eyes on our calendar of news and events for updates.

Your friendship and support means the WORLD to us both, and we thank you for taking this wild ride with us!


Larry and Marie